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We offer a variety of treatments to help you heal and cultivate your inner creativity.




This work is dedicated to our Gurus and to all the meaningful teachers that we met on our path, with the wish to continue to discover more and share it with the community.


The Aum Lotus Healing Centre is a centre inspired by love, light, and healing…

We aspire to offer you a safe space to go deep inside, feel gently, contemplate profoundly, and transform yourself one cell at a time.

We believe that all problems have a solution that can be healed with creativity. Our methods to cultivate creativity stem from our studies of Yoga, Ayurveda, Music, and Art. They arrive to you at the intersections where these disciplines meet.

Aryurvedic Treatments and Massages


Full Body Massage

Starting from $85

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Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

Starting from $50

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Foot & Leg Massage

Starting from $50

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Kati Basti

Back Treatment

Starting from $85

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Janu Basti

Knee Treatment

Starting from $85

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We offer private yoga classes and instruction….

Sound Healing

Sound Bath

Lay down, relax, breathe,  and drop in to immerse yourself into a sound bath of cosmic vibrations…

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Allow the powerful vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls in tandem with your breathe to transform the tension in your body, mind, and spirit.

Solar Harmonic Tuning Forks

Retune your nervous system with a healing session of Human Tuning with the pure tones of the Solar Harmonic Tuning Forks.

Violante Binazzi

Violante Binazzi

Ayurvedic Masseuse & Practitioner, Yoga Therapy, Art Therapy

Violante started studying Ayurveda in 2008 at the Ayurveda International Academy in Florence following the traditional teachings of Acharya Bhagwan Dash, faithfully transmitted by Doctor Letizia Vercellotti and the Ayurveda Acharya Jeevan Elli Parambath. Learning the naturopathic aspects of Ayurveda she quickly realized her passion for sharing her healing touch through massages and treatments. She studied deeper the relation between Yoga and Ayurveda with dott. Rajesh Shrivastava from Ayurveda Research Center and Yoga Practice in Bologna. Moreover she is really grateful to her Guru in the Himalayan Mountains, India that showed her the deepest connection between the ancient knowledges of indian texts and the daily life. Her deep and varied studies have created a new opening to an unique approach to yoga and ayurvedic treatments.

Andrew Kay

Andrew Kay

Sound Healer, Musician, Educator

"We live in an ocean of vibrations, in constant flux with everything around us. I search for sounds that inspire memories, rhythms that help us to move and feel deeper in the body, harmonies that unite us with each other and the cosmos, and transcendental experiences fuelled by a collective consciousness of aspiration. May we all find our inner sound and sing out together in a global symphony."

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