Sound Healing

“As everything in this universe emanates from the same source, we need only to tap into the gross and subtle powers of vibration, which are all linked to each other and intrinsically One. We can tune ourselves with the sacred harmonies that exist and are evident throughout Nature, in order to bring our individual being in alignment with the Cosmos.”                                                      – Andrew Kay

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is an experiential and immersive journey through sound and vibration.  As we open and allow ourselves to be more sensitive to the subtle vibrations and waves of sound, we offer ourselves the opportunity for an inward journey of deep relaxation, rejuvenation, transformation and healing.

While lying on a yoga mat or mattress on the floor, we start by finding the most comfortable position, sometimes with the aid of bolsters, pillows or yoga blocks. By connecting with our breath, we begin to relax our physical bodies, and become more grounded and connected to the Earth.  As we let go of our daily worries and patterns of tension within the body, our mind is given the chance to slow down and relax.  From this place of inner stillness the sound bath begins….

You may hear the musical notes of drone, a ringing bell, an ancient bowl, or wind spoke flute. You may sense the vibrations from distant realms of the sound spectrum. You may connect with your Prana, Qi, or Inner energy and experience the patterns they follow throughout your being.  All of these experiences are helping to harmonize yourself with the beauty of Nature, Space and the Universe.

The Instruments

The Singing Bowls are a unique and powerful instrument for sonic transformation. They not only emit sounds, they transfer vibrations and can control different forms of energy. To learn more about the Singing Bowls please visit this page.  Other instruments that may be used in a Sound Bath are the Indian stringed droned instrument used in Indian Classical music called the Tanpuri, Ocean Drum, Rain Sticks, Shakers, Bells & Whistles, Flutes, and other percussion sounds. The instruments used in a sound bath are chosen according to intuition of the Sound Healer with regards to the moment and the people involved.

Sound Bath Sessions

If you are interested in experiencing a Sound Bath, please check our calendar to see if we will be in your area anytime soon. You can also contact us by emailing, as we can arrange private sessions depending on our schedule, travel arrangements, and other factors.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has been used throughout the world in many different forms for hundreds if not thousands of years.  In today’s world, we are continually barraged by intense and unnatural sounds, many of which leave residual tension in our bodies and minds. By using various forms of music that reflect more simple, stable, and harmonious structures, we are able to use them in a healing and therapeutic manner.

Nad Yoda offers Music Therapy in the form of Sound Baths, Indian Classical MusicImprovised Creative Music, Music & Drum Circles, Chanting Sessions, and through our Integrated Sonic Yoga practices. If you are interested in any attending any of these sessions, please visit our calendar to see our upcoming sessions. If you are interested in hosting or offering any of these sessions for yourself, your friends, family or colleagues, please contact us by emailing