Workshops & Retreats

Aum Lotus offers a variety of workshops, clinics and retreats. Some are specific to one area of practice, such as Yoga, Music, or Art, but most of our workshops are focused on bringing these worlds together to create a more holistic experience. For example, we work on how Music can enhance Yoga, or how Yoga can help us become more creative and expressive. How bringing attention to our physical bodies and health can also open up other aspects of our being to further interconnect ourselves.

Currently we are based out of Toronto, Canada planning our upcoming schedule of retreats, workshops. We are also sometimes on the move, travelling around the world, exploring, learning, sharing, and cultivating relationships and connections. We are passionate about  weaving together a community of people that can help support each other and share their unique skills, ideas, and expressions.

Please see below what workshops and retreats we are currently offering…

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Host a Workshop or Request a Retreat!

If you can’t find one of our workshops or retreats that work for you, or if we are not in your area, please write to us! We are always open to hear from you with ideas on how we can create a customised workshop or retreat of your own.

Past Retreats!

Past Workshops!

Italy Tour 2017

Another beautiful tour of Italy, taking us from the north to the south and the east to the west. We were featured in the first ever Yoga Napoli Festival, where we offered both our powerful Chakra workshop and Soundbath in the famous and old Castel dell-Ovo for a giant group of attendees. We also did a more intimate sound bath in Caserta, and private workshop on creativity in Cuma.

Italy Tour 2016

This tour of Italy featured a series of workshops, Sound baths, and concerts in the cities of Florence, Ravenna, Perugia, and Milan.