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Aum Lotus

We believe in a creative World, where Beauty is a force that guides the human being towards a more magical potential.

Creativity = Yoga x Vibration²

Welcome to the Aum Lotus Universal Creative Healing Space.

We offer Yoga Retreats, Workshops, Classes and Private Sessions in our Aum Lotus Healing Centre and around the World…

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Violante Binazzi

Violante Binazzi

Co-Creator of Aum Lotus • Yoga • Ayurveda • Art • Education • Workshops • Art Therapy

“I believe in an holistic education, and in the power of cultivating kindness and compassion with children and adults. How much more we can expand our consciousness to embrace all the other human beings? Finding the way to discover the interconnection among people through yoga, art and creativity is the path of Integral Art. I am passionate about unlocking the potential of each person, for a better life, for a better world. Let’s make it together!”

Andrew Kay

Andrew Kay

Co-Creator of Aum Lotus • Sound Healing • Music • Education • Workshops • Sound Baths

"We live in an ocean of vibrations, in constant flux with everything around us. I search for melodies that inspire memories, rhythms that help us to move and feel deeper in the body, harmonies that unite us with each other and the cosmos, and transcendental experiences fuelled by a collective consciousness of aspiration. May we all find our inner sound and sing out together in a global symphony."

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We should be somewhere around the spot on the map below right now, so please come join us!!  You can check our Events Calendar to see if we are offering any workshops or classes nearby. You can also contact us with the form below to see if we are available for any private classes or therapy sessions, or even just to say hello and grab a coffee or chai!!